Glyceryl dioleate

Glyceryl dioleate

Product Description

Glyceryl Dioleate

INCI Name: Glyceryl Dioleate



Appearance:Light yellowliquid

Function:Oil-based emulsifiers, dispersants, stabilizers, softeners, etc.It has strong hygroscopicity, and it is a good water solvent. Can also be based plasticizer, antifogging agents and other raw materials.

Application Industry:

It could be used as disperse in food area and emulsification in cosmetics, antifoam & softner in textile

Storage: This product is a non dangerous product. The product has a certain moisture absorption, and it should be sealed and transported in the cool, dry and cool ventilation. It is forbidden to mix with toxic and harmful substances in mixed storage. Unkaifeng period is twenty-four months.

Packing: barreled (25/200KG barreled)

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