Polyglyceryl polyricinoleate

Polyglyceryl polyricinoleate

Product Description

Polyglyceryl polyricinoleate

Product introduction:

The polyglycerol ricinol ester, also called the esterified ricinic acid polyglycerol ester, can be obtained by esterification of polyglycerol with the condensation of castor oil fatty acid. It is a special emulsifier, which can stabilize the oil water system with high water content, adjust the surface tension, and adjust the viscosity of the product. It is used as an emulsifier and stabilizer in food. Combined with lecithin to ensure the fluidity of coated chocolate, reduce the amount of cocoa butter, reduce the thickness of the chocolate coating and ease of processing.


1. yellow high viscous liquid with no bad smell.

2. has good thermal stability, and its color and lustre change is very small when it is kept at 90 C for 14 days.

3. the lipophilic groups condensed ricinoleic acid, hydrophilic poly glycerin group, dissolved in oil well is water in oil (W/O) emulsifier, insoluble in water and propylene glycol, its most important characteristic, can to improve its fluidity of chocolate paste viscosity, synergistic effect good with lecithin mixed use.

Quality indicators:

Acid number (mgKOH/g = 6)

Heavy metal (Pb)% less than or equal to 0.0010

Arsenic (As)% less than or equal to 0.0003

Application Industry:

It is used in cocoa products, chocolate and its products, candy, chocolate products, ice cream coating and filling oil emulsion, and the maximum use amount is 5.0g/Kg.

Storage: sealed in low temperature, dry, cool and ventilated place, rain prevention and sunscreen.

Standard packing: 25/200kg plastic bucket.

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