Glyceryl oleate

Glyceryl oleate

Product Description

Glyceryl Oleate

INCI Name: Glyceryl Oleate


Appearance:light yellow oil like liquid


W/O emulsifier, washing products with the fatliquor, fatting ability is very good, especially suitable for soap base products.

In food can be used as thickener, flour improver, chocolate viscosity regulator and so on.

Be used as surface active agent, PVC lubricant, pharmaceutical raw material and so on.

emulsification, thickening and dispersing performance. In the daily chemical industry, emulsifiers, solubilizing agents, sunscreens and defoamer are used for the production of cream cosmetics and liquid scrubbing shampoos. They are also used as textile finishing agents in textile industry, and also used as pigment grinding additives.

Dosage: In cosmetics formula: 1%-5%

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